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Catering in Oakland

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Catering in Oakland, California & the Bay Area. Our reputation for friendly, warm service and delicious food is unmatched. Business events, weddings, bar mitzvahs or other special occasions are all available. Catering Oakland and nearby areas. We cater breakfast, brunch, lunch, & dinner. We also offer catering services in Alameda, Albany, Ashland, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Kensington, Piedmont, Richmond, San Leandro and San Lorenzo.

Why Oakland Caterers is the right choice

Oakland Caterers (located in Oakland, CA), is the most prominent catering company catering Oakland and the surrounding area for the past 7 years. We provide exceptional service with outstanding food. Our clients partner with us to design elegant and pleasant events. It helps that we are ranked consistently as a top caterer Oakland California. Oakland Caterers is able to provide all the services you or your company needs for their next event. You can get all types of packages such as bar packages or espresso carts, valet parking, food, lighting and audio visuals. Oakland Caterers is home to a team that includes event specialists, who can assist with every step of organizing your big day. The company offers the services of coordination and catering for small or large parties. Oakland Caterers specializes in American Californian seasonal cuisine.

Oakland Caterers promises a great meal. But it’s so much more than that. In addition to offering outstanding catering service, great set-ups, professional personnel, and amazing additional services an exquisite selection of delicious and tasty dishes will be served to you. The tempting combination of delicious, tasty dishes will make you want multiple servings. It is our goal to ensure that all your needs are met.

Caterer Oakland
Catering Oakland

Simple Catering Promise

You can trust us to be your caterers of choice. No matter what your challenge, we will take on any proposal. You have an event that you need catering for, such as a wedding and reception. Will we be there? Definitely. It could be a birthday party for an adult, or one for children. That’s no problem.

Catering Oakland and it’s beautiful surrounding area for all its wonderful events has been our mission and will continue to be so for years to come.

Oakland Caterers is happy to create a customized menu for your event if it’s not clear what you require. You can find a that we offer a wide variety of delicious options, and we know how to entertain a large crowd. Even if you can’t decide between our delicious options, we will gladly put together a menu. Whatever time you need us to cater, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as snacks and desserts, we’ll be there for you.

Check out our blog for more insights on how to choose the right caterer for you. We have an awesome article on great caterer selection.

Corporate Events

Yes! We do Corporate events on a daily basis. Give us a call for our delish menus.

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Event Planning

Need help with planning your next event? Our event specialists can help!

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Wedding Catering

Our extensive menus and services will be perfect for that special day.

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Bar Service

Let our in-house sommeliers and bartenders help you choose the right selection for your event.

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Event Staffing

Our staff is professionally trained and vetted so that your event goes exactly as planned.

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Drop Off Catering

Looking to cut costs or have a smaller event? We offer top of the line drop off catering.

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Only The Freshest Ingredients

Oakland Caterers is your best choice for a delicious catered meal, but we offer more than just a great food. We offer outstanding service, fantastic set-ups and professional staff. We promise delicious buffets/seated dinners with many tasty and delectable options. We take pride in making sure that you’re satisfied with our services and the cuisines we offer.

Specialty Services

Best Caterer Oakland

Breakfast/Brunch Catering

Breakfast catering is becoming a very popular option. It is one of our most popular catering choices and it’s the option that most Oakland Caterers customers ask about. It is something that many catering businesses do not provide as part of their services, however we do! We don’t think it’s a joke to say that breakfast catering is an integral part of American culture. Let our specialty breakfast catering in Oakland staff handle planning your next event, and you’ll be so happy you chose us!

BBQ/Barbecue Grill Catering

There is nothing better than lighting up the BBQ when the sun is shining and you are surrounded by friends and family, embracing the outdoors. But, there are very few people that actually relish the task of perfecting BBQ cooking. It tends to be a very hot, smoky and time-consuming job. And the poor BBQ chef tends to be quite disconnected from the rest of the party. The perfect solution? Why not hire a BBQ catering service? And, if you are looking for BBQ catering in Oakland, California, then we are the company for you!

BBQ Catering Oakland
Oakland Catering & Bay Area

Mexican Food Catering

Have you been looking for the perfect Mexican food catering service? Perhaps you aren’t the best chef, but wish to sample authentic Mexican cooking? If so, and you’re looking for Mexican food catering in Oakland, California. Then you are in the right place. Of course, with our close proximity to the Mexico, the cuisine is understandably one of the most popular throughout the state. But, do you know how to cook and serve it authentically? That is where Oakland Caterers comes in!


“I wish I could have seen you face to face to thank you so much for all that you have done! Everyone LOVED the food (all of it !!! It vanished, and was the perfect amount). I got a great deal of compliments, including from a good friend of mine who is very particular about everything”

“It was a great satisfaction working with you as the catering service for our class reunion. You have great deals of compliments!!! Everything was absolutely scrumptious. Thank you once again. I anticipate our next occasion w/ Oakland Caterers!”

“You people absolutely showcased lovely fresh country living! Thanks so much for being so easy and 100% trustworthy. It was a pleasure to work with you!”

“The catering process might not have been much easier. The food was fresh, organic, and perfectly presented.”

“Simply wanted to thank you for your help in purchasing and providing lunch for our group meeting. The food was excellent, the delivery was on time and the gentleman who provided it to us did a great task setting everything up!”

“Absolutely nothing but positive things to say about Oakland Caterers! They did our rehearsal supper and wedding event. Terrific service, remarkable food! Highly recommended!”


What is modern catering?

Catering can be described as anything from pre-prepared, ready-to-eat food the hosts prepare and then serve to their guests, to multi-course, full-service meals that include rental of glassware, linens and other items. The caterer will also organize service staff. The type of event, number of guests, level of service required, and the menu are all factors that a caterer will consider when determining the cost. If you have a $1,500 catering budget and 50 people are expected to attend your event, you will need $30 per head for food. For food, if you have 100 people and have the same budget, $15 per person is available. This is how you determine the cost of catering.

What are the pricing considerations?

The number of people you invite, the type of food you choose, and how the food is served will all affect the cost of catering. When you speak with caterers, you will be given a price per head for different menus. Catering can cost between $15 and $18 per person. This includes prepared food, but no setup or service. A simple buffet meal that includes minimal service is usually $22 per head. The cost of a similar menu using all organic ingredients can increase to around $33 per person. You could pay $24-$34 per person for a moderately expensive menu with fewer ingredients and a more elaborate presentation. The price range for high-end catering is virtually unlimited. You can increase your per-person cost by ordering lobster, filet mignon or specialty seafood as well as organic ingredients.

Are there additional factors?

Yes. You will most likely need to factor in tipping. It can be difficult to tip your caterer for a $3,000 bill, especially considering all the other expenses involved in throwing an event. However, it is a common practice. Ask your caterer for their policies. Most catering companies will include gratuity in their final bill. Tipping isn’t always included in the total cost of your event. Instead, tip all those involved on the day and not just one person. You can tip each server or bartender $20-50 depending on their work and how long they have been there. Experts recommend tipping $50 to the chef. The catering manager is the person who ensures that everything runs smoothly on the day of your wedding. They are the point-of contact and make sure all food is delicious and plentiful. According to industry professionals, tipping the caterer manager should be between $100 and $200. To be safe, tip 200-$500 cash if gratuity is not included.

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