Famous People from Oakland, CA

Tom Hanks

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is a talented actor that Oaklander and most of the rest of the world love. His ability to make people feel. We were able to see him tearing up, and even laughing a bit when he lost a volleyball during Cast Away. When explaining to President Bush his desire to pee in Forest Gump, he taught us how to be ourselves. He taught us to hug our toys more at night, giving us the hope that they would hug us back after we fall asleep. Tom Hanks, who graduated from Skyline High School in Oakland in 1974 in his native country, will forever be an Oaklander.


Born in Oakland, she can be recognized for her part as a teenager whose dancing dreams became reality through Shake It Up. You can see her as Spider-Man: Homecoming if that isn’t enough to ring a bell!

Clint Eastwood

He is a 1949 Oakland Technical High School classmate. Clints received four Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. It’s clear why it is such a proud thing to call him an Oaklander. He attended Piedmont High School, where he also rode his bicycle on the school’s athletic field. Once a badass, always a badass.

Mark Curry

Although it’s obvious that he was class clown, the comedian from Oakland, CA wasn’t interested in that kind of comedy until after college. His act was practiced with customers at the drugstore, which encouraged him to try stand-up. He can be seen wearing an A’s cap in Too $hort’s music video “I Ain’t Trippin”. He is also one of nine children.

Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali was born in Oakland and played for St. Mary’s College back then. His performance in Moonlight, an award winning movie, makes him one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. He can be seen in Luke Cage as well as House of Cards (both Netflix series).

Shemar Moore

You probably weren’t able to see Shemar Moore, the soap opera The Young and The Restless. Your eyes were too busy licking the floors while he was on Criminal Minds. He was born in Oakland and modeled for college.

Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee

Bruce Lee is the most iconic martial arts film icon, I am sure. He dropped out of college and moved to Oakland, where he founded the Jun Fan Martial Arts Studio. Bruce’s son, Brandon Lee was born in The Town.

Lyndsy Fonseca

The Town was home to this bombshell! Kick-Ass can be seen her as “that girl”. For the young millennials, she was on Phil of the Future and Malcolm in the Middle.