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What Is Mexican Catering?

Over the years, the Mexican cuisine has been able to establish itself as one of the most popular cuisines seen all over the world. Whether you are a fan of spice, flexible food that you can personalize and change up, or flavorful rich dishes. The chances are you will love authentic Mexican cooking. But what exactly is Mexican catering? Well, to put it simply, it is the unique service that we provide at Oakland Caterers. Where we can provide our clients with authentic Mexican cooking for whatever occasion that may require it.

What To Expect From Our Mexican Catering Service?

Gatherings, parties, and get-togethers can be some of the most highly anticipated events that are hosted throughout the year. People look forward to them, have expectations and a lot of time and planning go into them. We, at Oakland Caterers, recognize this, and we never want any type of event to fall short and not meet the expectations of both the host and the guests attending. That is why we cover all bases in the services that we provide.

We start off by having an excellent level of communication with every single one of our clients. This is to ensure that we are creating the perfect Mexican menu for their event. As well as meeting any food or drink requirements that they or their guests may have. This is extremely important, especially with Mexican food, which can be quite spicy! We need to ensure that we are getting the spice levels correct so that the guests of the event will be comfortable throughout.

On the day of the event, we will arrive in a timely manner, ready to set up your show stopping event! Do not worry, we will come with plenty of equipment, from plates, cutlery, glasses, as well as cooking and serving equipment. Of course, by knowing the attendance number of your event well in advance we will have the correct amount of servers and chefs that will ensure that food and drinks are made and served consistently throughout the day or night. The last thing you want to worry about is if there is enough food and drink, this has never been an issue for Oakland Caterers.

The last step of what you can expect from our catering service is that we cover the dreaded cleanup. Typically, when you do not hire a catering service, the consistent flow of food and drink, and the mess that may come with it, can fill hosts with a feeling of dread. But, when you book with us, you will not need to worry about that. We will clean the room or area you have hosted you gathering in, and clean it to the point where you will not think an event was ever held there at all.

Who Typically Orders Mexican Catering?

With any cuisine that is as popular as Mexican, the typical clientele can be quite varied. Who does not love a Mexican dish? We can think of an endless list of specific events, gatherings, and parties where Mexican food would be the perfect choice of cuisine. Unless, of course, you do not like spice – although we can also arrange milder dishes for you!

Perhaps you are hosting a birthday party, Mexican wedding, Day of The Dead celebration, or a bachelor or bachelorette party. Mexican food is a good choice to go with, if any of these are the case. And, because of the versatility of Mexican food, you may even wish to choose it if you are hosting a corporate event with your fellow employees. There is easily a dish for everyone when it comes to Mexican cooking. The key is selecting enough variety to appease the masses.

Types Of Mexican Food That We Can Offer You

There are a variety of different Mexican dishes that you can choose from when you are booking your catering service with us. At Oakland Caterers, we can cook them all, and tailor any spice or flavorings to your desire. Meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients is our top priority.

Many of Mexico’s top dishes do not need any introduction, as they are incredibly popular the world over. But, included in the various Mexican dishes that we can offer you in our Mexican catering service include: Tacos, Enchiladas, Mole, Chilaquiles, Tostadas, Burritos, Cochinita Pibil, Quesadillas, Chile en Nogada, Alegria de Amaranto, Nachos, Tlayuda, and Guacamole, as well as so much more!

Of course, the beauty of Mexican food is that it is highly customizable. With the key ingredient of most of the dishes named above interchangeable, you can select your favorite meat, fish or vegetarian/vegan substitute, to be part of the cooking process. At Oakland Caterers, we will be able to make you your dream dishes for whatever event you are hosting, which will cater to your guests individual needs.

So, are you looking for the very best Mexican catering company in Oakland, California? Then you are definitely in the right place! With our comprehensive service, you will not need to worry about cooking, serving or the dreaded after party clean up when you are hosting your event. The Mexican cuisine is the perfect choice for many unique events and parties, because of the extensive amount of world renowned dishes that it has. As well as their ability to be extremely customizable, which will allow us to create the dishes of your dreams. No request is too big or too small for Oakland Caterers.


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